Dirty Silver

by Dirty Silver

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Engineered / Mixed by: Andrew Bazinet

Produced by: Dirty Silver and Andrew Bazinet

Recorded at The Sanctuary - Nashville, TN
Mixed at Harmonic Labs - Nashville, TN

Guitar, Vocals - Lane Dudley

Guitar - Joe Markham

Bass - Charles Hill

Drums - Grady Saxman

Artwork - Dave Patterson

Copyright © Dirty Silver 2013


released 19 April 2013



all rights reserved


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Dirty Silver Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Electric Man
Electric Man

There was a man, who don't give a damn
Bout what you say, or where you stand
He don't walk the line,
He don't dress the part,
He makes bad ass noise,
Straight from his heart.

There was a girl,
She don't follow rules,
Belts out a song,
Bout all them fools.
She ain't got regret,
She got no remorse,
Makes the whole world weap,
With just her voice!
Track Name: March On
March On

Theres a place and a time,
Walk a nice straight line,
Keep your head down you'll be fine,
Here's a one way ticket then you'll die.

There's a man with a plan,
Holds a book in his hand,
On the hill where he stands,
Say he's wrong, you'll be damned!

But you know, we're lost

Hold your own, tall and proud,
Don't be fooled by the crowd,
Though the noise may be loud
Your the only, who knows how

Let your heart, March On!
Track Name: Ladders

You awoke on time today, punch the clock and get your pay
Watch the hours melt away, know your place and you might stay
And while you stitch your family dreams, the man is there to tear the seams
As you try to read that scheme, let you die to save the team.

Sign this paper with your hand, I promise I'm an honest man
Without my plan you won't stand, and when you don't I don't give a damn
When the day comes you can't pay, I'll come and take your life away
In the end, you will see,
We're not dead but we're not free!
Track Name: Relentless

I can feel your heat, struttin down this street
I don't knw your name, but I will play your game
I just hope that you can last, cuz I can be so relentless.

You want me to stay, but I just want to play
But I don't trust your eyes, cuz all I see are lies
I just hope that I can last, cuz you can be so relentless.

You should feel my hands, and all that they have planned
I just hope that we can last, cuz this can be so relentless.
Track Name: Mind Your Mind
Mind Your Mind

Mind your mind, mind your mind before diving in
Mind your mind, mind your mind before diving in
Mind your mind, mind your mind and whats within
Mind your mind, mind your mind and what's within

Blind so blind, blind so blind among the fold
Blind so blind, blind so blind to what were sold
Blind so blind, blind so blind to what were told

We know, think we know that the sky will fall
We know, think we know that it's all our fault the sky will fall
But we know, we know we might be wrong, we are wrong

Just believe, just believe that we can change, we will change.